Thursday, August 9, 2007



Bears take the upper hand thanks to all the RED news :(

Wondering where we are closing going into the last half an hour.

WOW looks like I'm in a farmer's market at WALL STREET...fresh and healthy stocks on sale.

Letz go la la....

Bought Some AAPL at 126 for a quick trade. (With a stop, which has not been taken yet !!!) That will be a quick trade...going till tomorrow. Take part if you like it.

Bought some NMX at 131.32 , 38.2% retracement from 52 week high. It can't go lower with all the news and speculation...Can it.

I have some more for ya....which I'm watching.

NUE is down 4% to $52.50. What sin did steel do in a housing / credit slump??? It's just gone down with the market......Once the market recovers, that's one other thing that'll run high.

WMS is down on a day when S&P comes out and says we are upgrading the stock and we raise the target to 29 from 23......JEEZ how conservative is that....even after they crush earnings......This one is down 4% tooo lurking around 27.

SPR listed in the 'zacks Strong Buy' portfolios today morning based on a very low PEG ratio is also down aboev 4% trading around $36.2.

Am shorting FSLR again if that looks like it'll be closing below $104 for another trade to go to early 90's fast. Now at $103.5

Buy NZ as a spec play . Buy below $14. It has a very rosy future.

Good Luck with these.

Your Adarsh.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Only Thing I'll Recommend BUY KRAFT Stock or Write some August 35 Calls

Buy some Kraft, have a limit order at just above $32. Buffett gets in and the stock drops? Is that a correct statement? Today's drop was not coz of buffett, it was a whole RED day, and they lost that Canada Ruling.

That's just temporary. Look at the August 35 calls. WOW.

Get some calls on these red days. Get some August 35 calls just around 50 cents

48000 calls won't go washed offf...Remember that....48000 * 100 = 4,800,000 shares won't be let go into the GUTTER.

Smoke'em if ya have them.

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh.


Read the post completely before you buy something!

Wow who wants (Caterpillar inc) NYSE CAT below $78?
Who wants (Conoco Phillips) NYSE COP below $82 after that block buster earnings?
WOW (Corrections Corporation ) NYSE CXW is around $28. What a great buying oppurtunity here? It reports earnings on Aug 6th. The Only time they missed estimates in the last three years was 2nd quarter 2005. Talk of something much cooler! BUY THIS ONE ANYWHERE BELOW $27.5. That's a screaming buy.
Steel has fallen off the cliff. When is it getting caught?

Nucor NYSE NUE has dropped, exactly 22% since June 1 st. Does it deserve that hitting and kicking in the butt? I'm not holding NUE now...will buy on some suppor. BUT this one in the steel sector has fallen the most of all. Did you listen to their earnings conference call? I think NUE is going higher. Look at the chart for yourself and decide whether to buy it or not. Oversold, bollinger broken, -36 millions (sold)accumulation, stockastic at .14. Technicals scream buy,buy, buy..but I'm holding a little more to catch the bottom.

Bottom Line: Most stocks are down and look like good potential buys. But they really are not YET. Hold on for sometime and get one of these at their bottoms. Keep away from the screens. Don't BUY ANYTHING - ANYTHING THIS WEEK, EVEN IF THE MARKET IS UP 200 POINTS TOMORROW. It's coming back again to 13300 by next week to take the resistance around that area.
Go to a beach this weekend and enjaay the sun.
Visit to have a little laugh with my news coverage.
Your Adarsh.

(AMEX)KOG jumps and keeps running higher - on a down day

AMEX: KOG What else? The small one that’s been worrying most of us. Though, we knew it has higher potential.

KOG - UP 8% from yesterday at $5.02. Take some profits. and run rest higher.

Our average price is at 4.37 (huge order) and few just below $5. Average a touch lower than 4.5 .

Profit of more than 11% if you want to pocket it now!!!!!


Your Adarsh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Exclusive Interview With Mike Staffaroni - CEO Of Heelys

I told you all guys, that I’ll post the call that I had with Staffaroni today morning. Here it is ….

We had a couple of misses before we could catch each other. I appreciate Staffaroni that he took time to call me thrice. We missed each other twice.

Staffaroni: Hi Adarsh, Mike Staffaroni from (NASDAQ:HLYS) Heelys.

Adarsh: Hey Mike, we have been playing hide and seek for some time now. I appreciate you taking some time off your schedule to gimme a call. Thanks, first of all.

Staffaroni: That’s my pleasure. Always open to investors.

Adarsh: Mike, I don’t want to eat up a lot of your time. So, let me directly jump into the matter. Can you please touch base with me about how the national marketing is going on?

Staffaroni: The US marketing of Heelys has been doing great. We started the television advertisements last year. And we are going to have Back to School advertisements from the first week of September. Things are working out wonderful as planned in the United States.

Adarsh: Mike, then how is the international marketing growing?

Staffaroni: We have been very healthily growing both into UK and other European countries. Europe has welcomed Heelys with open arms. You must have noticed our recent hire Neil into the company and it has been working very well. Our International Marketing is growing much higher than expected.

Adarsh: Have the concerns on Marketing Strategies gone down?

Staffaroni: We have been following ‘Distribution Channels Strategy’ since long. We have subsidiaries that We have these distributors who sell to the retailers. This strategy has been working out quite well for us.

Adarsh: Mike, I see a lot of countries that you have ventured into. But I see only one location in China and not even one location in India. Don’t you think, these two countries, with huge populations, would provide you with much higher returns? Don’t you think they are cash makers?

Staffaroni: Though, the population is higher, we as a company look at the average household income there. The average house hold income there is much less and that actually limits the margins we can have for the inventory sold. Moreover, the problems with the falsification of the product has been on the rise. Though, I should make a special mention that we have had modest success in eliminating the piracy. But, let me tell you that this is not a problem just with Heelys, most major brands are facing it now and are striving hard to fight against piracy.

Adarsh: Any venturing into the apparel market? If you are, what type, Sports wear, seasonal or Normal wear.

Staffaroni: We have started T-shirts, bags and other apparel wear as a test phase last year. This is still in the test phase. Recently we introduced some more apparel model, but let me mention it again, we are still in the testing phase, and it won’t account to a lot of revenues to Heelys. Our major revenues comes from our wheeled footwear. Let me also mention that we are having a TRADE SHOW next week in Las Vegas. We are introducing our first non-wheeled footwear there. And we opine we will get a very good response from the consumer. We are planning every thing long term at least 3-5 years.

Adarsh: Mike, I’m know it is difficult, but do you have any comments on the recent stock volatility? What is Venture Capital planning to do with the stock sale they just canceled?

Staffaroni (laughs for atleast 5 seconds) : Adarsh, it is hard to predict the market and how or why it reacts in a certain way. Venture Capital, has been with us for a long time. They financially benefited from the growth of our company. They had these 9 million shares at certain price, the stock price ran higher and created an imbalance in their portfolio. I think they wanted to lock in the profits and have the same amount of stock financially in their portfolio than numerically. It is common that a money manager would like to take profits if he makes money some where. But the market looks it some other way. I personally do not have any comments on it. Nothing fundamentally has changed.

Adarsh: What do you comment on Heelys growth?

Staffaroni: We do not want a spiky growth in the company, we want the company to grow modestly, and have a sustained growth long term. We don’t want to outperform the market one quarter and then under perform the other. We want to be performers.

Adarsh: Have you zeroed into when you are going to release the earnings this quarter?

Staffaroni: We have not yet decided on the date and time. We will be doing that in the next couple of days.

Adarsh: Mike, I see that the company has a lot of cash at hand. I also see that the stock price has fallen from the high 30’s to the low 20’s, a fall of around 40% in a quarter. Do you think it is a right time to buy back some of the stock?

Staffaroni: Adarsh, we follow the distribution marketing strategy and we think we need some money at disposal for a growing company. We have now put our apparel into test in the market, and we think we’ll hold on to our cash. We are not planning on any buy back as of now. But you never know. May be we will announce in some time. (laughs)

Adarsh: (laughs) So you want to keep that speculation on?

Adarsh: ok Mike one last question. Is Heelys up for sale?

Staffaroni: (laughs really hard ) Heelys are selling in a lot of retailers if you want a pair. (laughs) But if you talk about the company, we are not going to sell ourselves. But, you never know, if we get that opportunity, and it is good for our product line, may be we’ll be up for sale!!!

Adarsh: Mike, wow that was a great session with you. I really appreciate you taking off some time from your busy schedule and calling me.

Staffaroni: That was actually a good time off with your call. We are always open to your queries.

Note: Guys this is the interview. I did not record the call. So, I am not very sure, whether I could bring back the same comments. I can say that the meaning has not been changed. I expressed the comments in my words.

FYI: I am not a licenced broker or a stock adviser. Invest or make your decisions on your own. I just make my recommendations to point people to stocks that have good prospects.

Hope that helps,

Your Adarsh